Rochester, NY's asphalt paving specialty team!

Our team is something we are very proud of at Manel Paving Corp in Rochester, NY. We specialize in asphalt paving and much more. Each member of our team works hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the work that we do.

We pride ourselves on outstanding service, delivering beautiful results and communicating well with our customers. It doesn't matter if you are doing a simple asphalt paving project or a driveway with curves and hills. We're ready to serve you in Rochester.

Specials:  During the year we are always running special pricing. Give the office a call for current promotions. 

Asphalt paving in Rochester, NY

Equipment for sale

Call us for a complete list of equipment for sale. 


One thing our customers consistently tell us is how much they appreciate how attentive we are. We always take the time to listen to our customers so we can better understand their needs.

Through attentive communication, we find we'll always be able to deliver the type of work our customers want and need.

Free estimates

We are happy to check out your driveway and to give you a professional and informed estimate. If you want to know how much work on your driveway will cost, we have simple procedures in place to give you a proper quote.

Simply email us an estimate with a detailed explanation of any stability, pitch or other issues so we can adjust the estimate from that point - prior to your signing. Let us provide estimates and asphalt paving services for you in Rochester.

We are showing some of the various driveway configurations below.  If your driveway fits into one of these shapes feel free to email us a description of your particular situation.

If you need a ball park estimate of your project, send us a drawing of what you want with the measurements and we can send you a quote.  We would be happy to come down and give you a free estimate with an exact price.

Asphalt paving examples in Rochester, NY

Do's & Don'ts for driveway sealing

  • Before adding a sealant, a new driveway must cure at least 6 months in warm weather.
  • Seal every 2-3 years. However, coating too often will result in a slick surface.
  • Seal anytime a consistent temperature of 50 degrees occurs.
  • DO NOT SEAL IF RAIN is expected with the next 36 hours.
  • Allow at least 24 hours to pass before using your newly sealed driveway.
  • Apply thin coatings otherwise it could dry too slowly, and lead to “mud cracking.”